About company

Media LiGa — full-service media Agency. Before we became a team, each of us more than 10 years has been worked in the biggest advertising agencies, media holdings and leading TV channels of Russia

Media LiGa was founded in 2007. We offer a full range of marketing and advertising services. Our team includes strategists, analysts, media planners, designers, and copywriters, that allows to provide a complex approach to solving problems and achieving clients’ objectives

We highly appreciate the trust of our partners and clients and build long-term relations based on the principles of business ethics and professionalism

Agency specialization– Media Management

  • Strategic and tactical planning of advertising campaigns from setting objectives to the analysis of communication effects
  • Buying advertising time/space and accommodation of advertising in all media
  • Planning and implementation of non-standard advertising campaigns in the traditional and "new media"

Channels and tools Media LiGa

  • Production and placement of TV advertising.
  • Access to VIMB allows to placement with maximum efficiency and to adjust advertising campaign in real time
  • Guarantee the observance of financial interests of the client andthe formation of each proposal taking into account the ratio of "price effect“
  • Media LiGa cooperates with all leading TV channels of Russia, by direct advertising and sponsorship in various integrated projects
  • According to the results of advertising campaigns of all our customers are provided with post buying analysis (PBA).
  • Analysis target audience media consumption
  • Recommendations of the message format
  • The choice of time intervals
  • Reach and frequency selection. Recommendations for the duration of the advertising campaign

  • Direct cooperation with the leading sites of Runet
  • Social projects in internet
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Complex solutions in the Internet
  • Placement of PR materials
  • Creating and maintaining groups in social media networks
  • Direct advertising in the Internet
  • Contextual Advertising
  • Manufacturing of materials for publication in the Internet

Media LiGa provides with accommodation of advertising in all press media, both Federal and regional

Media LiGa works directly with all leading publishing houses, what provides favorable conditions for advertisement placement

Медиа LiGa provides with integrated solutions for placement in the press (editorial, text and graphic layout, PR articles), which enables you to effectively convey information to the potential consumers

Медиа LiGa provides with services on writing of advertising texts and creation of design layouts

Media LiGa implements placement of programs on the city advertising media.

Standard and non-standard advertising, targeted programs in Moscow and in regions

Favorable conditions for advertising placement, strict monitoring and reporting of advertising campaigns implementation process

Recommendations for the most effective realization of the advertising campaign in combination with other media as well, as separately.

Media LiGa provides a special program that combines a variety of media, visual and audio effect of which will provide the maximum effectiveness of the campaign.

Media LiGa provides the full range of advertising campaign development - from the production of prototypes or rollers, printing, renting advertising space to report on conducting.

  • Sound advertising
  • Escalator boards
  • Metro map
  • Inside stickers
  • Posters on the platform

Media LiGa provides services for the production of advertising materials for TV, radio, press and Internet placement.

We provide with a full cycle of production - from writing the script, casting, realization of film-making process prior to installation and presentation of the ready product.

Our specialists have high creative potential, contemporary technical base and cooperating with the professional production studios, which allows to produce high quality items of advertising audio and video materials